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Florida Beach Front

I built this beach front home to comply with FEMA regulations requiring the living space to be above the base flood elevation. Following approved exceptions closely, I designed a ground level entry opening into a large foyer for the elevator and sweeping curricular stairs leading to the upper floors. The rear patios span the length of the home and open up to a beach level lanai and a meandering walking path through the sea oats to the beach.


About Keith Joseph

The Signature of Quality & Integrity

With my integrated services and open eyed approach, I guide my customers to see possible opportunities and solutions with in each home.  Whether you are looking for a new home, updating your existing home, considering a complete home renovation, considering designing and building a new custom home or considering selling your existing home, I can help with the entire process.


I work to learn from my customers.  Helping to understand their needs and wants,  what inspires them, and offer input and
design ideas that will meet and exceed their dreams. I can provide quick design solutions with rough cost estimates for a home buyer to consider.


Further, everyone wants a home tailored to their needs.  It’s the details in a house that make it a home. My goal is to deliver to you, your perfect home, designed to your taste, in the location you desire and with the details you are looking for. All completed in a timely manner and move-in ready. I will even help with furnishing, window coverings, fabrics, floral, landscaping and linens. Full service, Honesty and Integrity. That's my Signature.

His Passion for Quality Comes with Generations of Experience.

When I was growing up, I was always surrounded by the exciting goings on of my father’s construction company. At home I regularly found my father with blueprints on the kitchen table, and I spent many hours siting in the car during his drive-by visits of construction sites. My father’s Design-Build business was always bustling with activity. I enjoyed wandering through the office and looking at the various drawings and models of homes under design. I grew to love the business.


In the earlier years, my mother helped with color selections for his model homes. Countless samples of carpets, tiles and fabrics were strewn about her home office. I developed a love of color and texture. Then too, I loved watching the burley contractors working on my father’s projects, moving heavy materials and creating someone’s home from a field of dirt. Our traditional Sunday morning included a family drive around town to visit my father’s job sites after our church service. When I could, I darted out of the car to follow him into a partially constructed building to check on its progress.


I always listened to him eagerly, learning the basic principles of doing what is right, addressing a problem as soon as it was found, and never compromising on quality. I have one particular memory of him showing me a building permit and saying, “See that, that’s our name; it will always be there on the record, and people will always know who built this.” Later in life, as I began to build for myself, he pressed this point by adding, “Never compromise on doing it right Keith– that’s your name on this building.”


My father grew up in the little diary town of Riverdale in California’s San Joaquin valley. Coming from an immigrant family of modest means he was raised with his two younger brothers in a small home, in a rural community. Hard work, honesty and respect was the expectation. He worked his way through college even driving the school bus, where he eventually met my mother. After school, with a small loan from his father, he opened his own business selling real estate and eventually building homes.


By the age of 30, he was a self-made successful business man with bustling real estate offices in several communities and multiple subdivisions of custom homes. Our name was well known in the area and was well respected. By the early 1990’s, he had built an extensive portfolio of projects including hundreds of custom homes, thousands of apartment units, and many commercial buildings. We were very proud when he inaugurated into the Builder’s Giant 100, a list of developer-builders in 1992. When this occurred during my senior year in college, I was extremely excited to be following behind him.


I like to believe that I learned from the best. My father has always   been there for me, pushing me, encouraging me, and imparting his little pearls of wisdom for me to remember and pass onto others.  As teenagers, my brother and I worked for his business every summer. We did not receive special treatment; in fact, I think many of his employees liked seeing us do the difficult and dirty jobs. In some way they seemed pleased with themselves, barking directions with a slight smirk or even a smile. I worked at almost every trade, learning what each does, and experiencing hard work and long hours. I am sure my father silently planned to provide a great basis for my future or at least to assure a degree of humility and understanding of what hard work was. When I left for college, my father insisted that I continued to work for him. He placed me on my first large construction site early on.


One thing my father did well was keep good people: he knew loyalty, respected its rarity, and rewarded people for it. His general superintendent, Bob Wolf had been with him for years by the time I was on site. He was dedicated and loyal, and in return, my father always treated him with great respect. He wanted me to learn from Bob, the man that could manage cost and productivity while maintaining great quality. Bob made me work for hard without much softness or privilege. After I entered the field, Bob became my mentor. I followed that man around for many years, pushing brooms, loading wheel barrels, helping with the orders of materials and even occasionally doing something important. Soon, he began to trust me as well. By the time I graduated the Construction Management program from California State University, I was helping him run a sprawling 256-unit apartment development as a superintendent. I was scheduling, providing quality control, and managing sub-contractors–a dream job for many in my trade and quite a feat for a young college kid.


After graduation and with my father’s help and encouragement, I started my first business, securing my first General Contractors license in 1992. I designed and built dozens of custom homes in the Fresno area. I loved building in the valley. Several homes were custom designed for local farmers, nicely nestled in their fields of wine and raisin grapes.


I also had the opportunity to build several homes in the Sierra Nevada Mountains near the Yosemite National Park. It was exciting to design and build homes capturing the natural beauty of the area. Many rooms had large panoramic vistas of snow covered mountains and large exposed beams with knotty pine ceilings. I learned my first lessons in structural design challenges there, building several homes on granite outcroppings. I was always diligent about ensuring a sound foundation and structural stability to anticipate the expected earthquakes. I learned early on that by starting with a sound foundation, I could then focus on the details. It was in the details that the quality really shone.


In the late 90’s, seeking a change, I moved in the Pacific Northwest having accepted a position as of Development with a publicly held company where I managed their national real estate and development portfolio. I learned a lot about management during this period and even more about the differences in housing across our country.


I had the pleasure to learn from many true professionals, in many regions. I worked with many different types of construction techniques and worked through many challenges unique to each region, from code variations, style differences, foundation systems, and availability of local materials. We built in the Southwest style in Arizona, the sprawling Colonials in New Jersey, and Plantation homes in South Carolina. Having worked in sixteen states from Washington to California, from Arizona to Florida, and from Nebraska to New Jersey–I have built in nearly every environment and managed through nearly every conceivable challenge. During this experience, I developed and built over seven thousand housing units in sixteen states. At the least, it solidified my confidence and reputation of getting things done.


As all good things must come to an end, soon new development was suspended, and I decided again to make a change. I accepted a position as the Vice President of Construction with a very large regional remodeling company in Portland, Oregon. It was a move that I will never regret: There I learned the ins and outs of the remodeling business. It was a move from the macro environment to the micro environment in construction and design. I worked directly with some of the best and most accomplished designers and craftsmen around. My love affair with tools certainly grew while I learned techniques from the best carpenters and craftsmen. It was here that I learned to appreciate the art form of the business, the craft and the pride in every nail, in every joint.


Here I learned from another of my mentors, Mr. Tom Kelly. Mr. Kelly will always be one of the most influential leaders I ever worked with. He taught me true customer service. I remember asking him “So at all cost, deliver what you promised, ensure every customer is completely happy; and profitability will follow?” He smiled and answered, “Well, yes, they deserve the best we can ever deliver; if we have done something wrong let’s fix it, work to make every customer, a happy returning customer, pleased enough to recommend us to their friends; if we can do that, we will be profitable.”


So simple it seems, such sound wisdom. Yet, so difficult to find in many companies’ cultures. I spent many years leading his company’s customer service. Every customer received my personal letter with my direct phone number. I always knew that no matter what, we would make it right; we would rather tear our work out and do it over, than compromise on an expectation or quality. I spent over five years with Mr. Kelly; I helped him open a New Custom Home division to his already exciting and successful business. But soon, it was time to move on.


I decided to try my hand again in the big leagues. With an exceptional opportunity to build and develop mid and high rise projects in Seattle, I packed up my family and ventured forth. It was here that I learned how to build superstructures as I moved from small and medium sized projects to the really large ones. As VP of Development for a local family owned company, I led the development of two large mid-rise, very high-end senior housing projects, one on Mercer Island, and another in North Seattle. Here, I discovered that the Aljoya brand followed a tradition of upscale retirement centers tucked away in the finer areas of Seattle. Since the units were for purchase, many custom details needed to be refined and executed. The design process was intensive to say the least. Our staff of in-house designers worked tirelessly on every aspect of the design. From custom granite counters to striking woven carpets, we attended to every detail. In 2008, the Flagship Aljoya Mercer Island opened to fanfare and much hoopla. It seemed a crowning achievement to me, from the multi-story grandeur to the foyer’s impressive Chihuly crystal chandelier. The residence was a glass and steel artfully crafted building with gorgeous interiors ready for the most discerning elite of Seattle and Bellevue retirement.


In 2009 with the real estate market in turmoil and construction in abeyance, I decided to think more about my health and my family. It was again time to make a real change. After spending a summer with my Father in Florida, I decided to relocate to the land of sunny days, fruity drinks, and sugar-white sand beaches. Well, I suppose that when one is going to make a great change, he might as well do that right, and so no half attempts for me.


With my wife’s support and encouragement and after months of searching, we settled on our sailboat. From a large home in Seattle to a 40′ sailboat, the change certainly was extreme. With our son Joey and our trusty Labrador Lexi in tow, we moved aboard, settled in, and explored the Florida coast, down to the Keys and on to the Bahama Islands. An experience never to be replaced or forgotten, let’s just say I got my Jimmy Buffet on. After a year of growing a beard and long hair, and living in flip flops, I felt like a new man. This was certainly the way to transform myself into my new Floridian lifestyle.


Now settled in here Naples, Florida, I been working to learn the area and build a new business. There was much to learn, and much to overcome in Florida. At times it feels like the wild west of home building. I am happy to call Southwest Florida my home and to bring a new degree of sophistication and expertise to the area.


With honesty and integrity as my core values, I want to build friendships with my customers and vendors. In today’s world of lightning fast data transfer, smartphones and internet, what matters most really are the people and the relationships we build.


Recently, I have worked selectively with several customers on their unique projects. From Bonita Bay to Old Naples, I have helped my clients bring their homes together and their dreams to a reality.


I am always here to help solve problems and to provide sound advice. I pledge to create happy environments in which to live and to work, a process that is warm, positive, and as stress-free as possible.


My love affair with the process continues. I would love to show you the difference that I can help make on your project. Always the professional, always seeking the best product delivery, and always working to build friendships with my customers–I want our collaboration to be an enjoyable experience and an easy process for everyone.


Keith Joseph Andrade


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